Costa del Sol

The largest beach in El Salvador. From 12 to 15 Kms aproximatelly, where you can see amazing sunrises and fabulous sunsets. You can also enjoy fresh seafood and your choice drink. Because of its extension, is ideal for jogging, practicing football, beach volleyball and other beach sports.

At the same time, at the end of the Costa del Sol Boulevard, you can go into the "Estero de Jaltepeque" where you can sail accross its paths and observe birds like ducks, seagulls, etc, because these places are the refugee of migration and local birds.

You can also go out through the "Bocana del Río Lempa", which is next to the "Los Negros" beach, a wonderfull virgin beach full of quietness, taking the transport from "la puntilla" located at the end of the Boulevard.

The residencies are located in "Villa del Pacífico, Km 73, Carretera Playa Costa del Sol. Cantón El Zapote, El Salvador. C.A."



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